Rodion Nahapetov

1. Soviet Youth Organization award "MOSCOW KOMSOMOL" for the role of LENIN in the two-part film: "A MOTHER’S HEART" and "A MOTHER’S LOYALTY".

2. The Soviet Union’s coveted "ORDER OF HONOR" award for the portrayal of LENIN in Mark Donskoy’s two films about Lenin’s life story.

3. Best Actor award in "PASSWORD NOT NEEDED" at the Minsk Film Festival.

4. Received the coveted title of "BEST ACTOR" of the USSR.

5. Best Actor award for the lead role in "IN LOVE" (Toshkent International Film Festival).

6. GOLDEN FEMINA AWARD, Brussels Film Festival for Best Director of "WITH YOU AND AWAY FROM YOU"

7. Best Director award for motion picture "TO THE BACK AND BEYOND", Lublin Film Festival, Poland.

8. People’s Choice Award for best Director for "DON’T SHOOT WHITE SWANS" Yerevan, Armenia.

9. The coveted honor of being named the "MOST RENOWNED ACTOR " of the USSR.

10. The "GOLDEN NYMPH" award for Best Director and co-writer for "ABOUT YOU", at the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

Rodion Nahapetov11. Silver "DOVZHENKO ORDER" for best lead actor in "TORPEDO BOMBER’S" (directed by: S.A. Aranovich)

12. Screen Actor’s Guild award in Smolensk, Russia, for the film "CONTAMINATION" (written, directed and lead role – Rodion Nahapetov)

13. Awarded the prestigious "ORDER OF PETER THE GREAT" for film achievement.

14. Laureate of the Humanitarian International Award "PROFESSION – LIFE" for philanthropy


16. Gold Medal "KHANZONKOV" Film Achievement award.

17. Humanitarian Award from UNICEF for the film "CONTAMINATION", Siena – Italy International Film Festival (writer, director and lead actor – Rodion Nahapetov).