Rodion Nahapetov


In 1993, Rodion Nahapetov, and his partner and wife, Natasha Shliapnikoff formed RGI Productions, Inc. an independent Hollywood film and television production company. They began their creative work with the development of a screenplay entitled “CORA.” The script was written by Rodion Nahapetov and Eric Lee Bowers ( it was to be directed by Rodion Nahapetov and produced by Natasha Shliapnikoff). Everything was a go – the locations were in place, casting was in progress, however, the production came to a halt due to the financing falling through at the last minute. RGI Productions, however, in spite of this set back, did not give up and began to move forward with the following projects:

In 1995 RGI Productions, Inc. produced and financed (in partnership with producer and writer John Whelpley) a film entitled “STIR” (“TELEPATH). The production took place in Los Angeles. The producer of the film was Natasha Shliapnikoff, and the director – Rodion Nahapetov. The screenplay was written by Rodion Nahapetov and Eric Lee Bowers.

In 1998, RGI Productions, Inc, undertook another production with R. Nahapetov (screenwriter and director), and Natasha Shliapnikoff (producer) - “THE BLOOD OF SUCCESS” – a mystical thriller, filmed in Los Angeles.

In the year 2000, RGI Productions, Inc, produced a three part series entitled “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for the popular Russian series on ORT Television, “UBOYNAYA SILA.” The filming took place in Los Angeles, California, produced by Natasha Shliapnikoff, and directed by Rodion Nahapetov.

In 2001, RGI Productions, Inc, undertook an ambitious project – a 12-part series for the largest Russian network ORT – Channel One. The series was “RUSSIANS IN THE CITY OF ANGELS” (RUSSKIE V GORODE ANGELOV). The series was written, created and directed by Rodion Nahapetov and produced by Natasha Shliapnikoff. The popular series was shown in prime-time on ORT Channel One, and throughout Europe.

In 2007, RGI Productions, Inc. filmed a medical thriller entitled “CONTAMINATION”. The filming took place in Moscow, Russia. It is being distributed throughout the world by Prestige Films.

In addition, RGI Productions produced and financed several documentary films: “HOLLYWOOD DREAMS”, “A MATTER OF HEART” and “SIX DAYS IN OCTOBER.”

In 2003, Nahapetov and Shliapnikoff formed another production company in Los Angeles - HOMELAND PRODUCTIONS, INC. – the following films were produced by this production entity: “MOSCOW DAYS, LA NIGHTS”, “BORDER BLUES” and “TRILOGY OF MURDER.”

At the present time, RGI PRODUCTIONS, INC. is in development and production of “DANDELION WINE”, based upon Ray Bradbury’s novel (script written by Rodion Nahapetov).

In addition to this, Rodion Nahapetov is working on several projects in Russia. His current plans include a film about World War II (“THE PASSAGE”), a family drama taking place in the nineties in Russia (“WHILE WE ARE TOGETHER”), as well as the screenplay, which he is currently completing, based upon renowned writer Andrey Platonov’s novel – “DZAN” . Nahapetov’s Russian production company “VOLGA PRODUCTIONS” is undertaking all these Russian projects.